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Here are some of our members rides:

Schaefer Adam 1979 TA adam_schaefer.jpg (10172 bytes)
Blum Jack

2004 GTO, 1968 GTO,

1971 Grand Safari Wagon,

1994 TA 25th Anniversary,

1968 GTO Road Race.

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jack_blum94ta.JPG (64486 bytes)

jack_blum_ssccfinishline.jpg (55478 bytes)

Bauer Bill 1971 Le Mans, 455 and 4 wheel disc brakes. His web page has more info. bb_71_qmary.jpg (41620 bytes)

bb_71_palmdale.jpg (987943 bytes)

Farias Joseph 68 Firebird OHC 6. Used to be moms but not any more! josephfarias2.jpg (80220 bytes)

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josephfarias3.jpg (137366 bytes)

Hunter Bill & Sharon 1989 20th Anniversary Turbo Trans Am. There were 1550 built as promotion pace cars for the  1989 Indianapolis 500.  It is equipped with the 3.8 Liter Turbocharged V6 used in the 1987 Buick Grand National.  It is capable of 0-60 in 5.5 seconds and 24 miles/gallon on the road. bill_hunter1.jpg (186161 bytes)

bill_hunter2.jpg (186608 bytes)

Batson Mick
1967 red GTO - Purchased in 1986 from original owner in Corona, CA.

1967 blue GTO - Original owner.  Purchased from Dolman Pontiac in Inglewood, CA.

1965 2+2 - Second owner.  Purchased in 2003 from original owner in Hesperia, CA.

mickbatson_redgto.jpg (95452 bytes)

mickbatsonbluegto.jpg (58971 bytes)

mickbatson6522421.jpg (88670 bytes)

Noble Larry & Sandy 1968 Firebird has '70 455, Richmond Gear 5 speed, 9" F*rd rear with Caltracs bars, and Baer 4 wheel disk brakes. Also 17" American 200S wheels with Nitto 555 tires and suspension upgrades. I did all work except paint, and it represents my idea of what a phantom prototype Trans Am might have looked like in '68. I had vinyl graphics made up with most recent generation fonts for the Trans Am identification, and added the chin and ducktail spoilers to coordinate with the early 2nd generation shaker hood. The picture with the other GM F body is actually the centerfold from the Aug 2005 issue of Popular Hot Rodding, and may be still available for download from their website. Sandy and I drove the car to Panama City Beach Florida in June of 2000 on the Hot Rod Power Tour, earned our "Long Haul Gang" plaque, and made it home without any mechanical problems after 26 days on the road, 12 states, and over 7,000 miles driven.



Iden Les & Sharren
1966 GTO Sports Coupe, Reef Turquoise, power steering, brakes, and windows (old picture, currently under retoration-same color). 462 Pontiac, 700R4 trans, 3:31 12 bolt posi Chevy rear, 4 wheel discs, BIG sway bars, CE adjustable drag shocks, Vintage Air, stereo/cd player in trunk. 
DRIVEN and raced @ the 2002 GTOAA National in Denver CO., 2002 Tiger Run in Bend OR, 2003 POCI National in St. Louis MO, 2003 GTOAA National in Columbus OH, 2002-2005 Pontiac Heaven in Phoenix AZ, and the 2004 Pontiac Southern Nationals in Ennis TX. 3960# with 1/2 a tank of gas. 12,45/ 113 and 16 mpg @ 80 mph.
Les1.JPG (53329 bytes)
Iden Les & Sharren
1968 Grand Prix, Cameo Ivory over Mayfair Maize (original colors, never had a vinyl top), power brakes  steering and windows, am-fm w/ Ipod port.. 455 (.030 over 428 w/ a 455 crank), dual afbs on low rise Offy intake, Ron Davis aluminum radiator, dual 13.5" Flex-A-Lite electric fans, -400 trans, BIG sway bars, KYB shocks, 2:93 posi, 2:25/75 X 14 Cooper Trendsetter tires, and 8 lug wheels.
DRIVEN and raced a the 2005 POCI National in Greenville NC, the 2006 POCI National in Tulsa OK, the 2009 POCI National CoVention in Dayton OH, the POCI Western Regionals held in 2005 and 2008 in Bass Lake CA, and the 2006 Pontiac Heaven event in Phoenix AZ. 4600# w/ 1/2 a tank of gas. 13:54/102 and 12 mpg @ 80 mph. 
Les2.JPG (48708 bytes)
Iden Les & Sharren
1972 Firebird, cloned into a Trans Am. Cameo White w/ blue graphics, 462, HO intake w/ Q-jet and Shaker inlet w/ WFO air cleaner mod, T-400 trans, Subaru Legacy bucket seats, 4 wheel discs, 2:73 posi, welded sub frame connectors, Konis, Hotchkis Sport Suspension kit, and BFG KDW G-Force tires on 16 X 8 American racing TTs. 
DRIVEN and raced at Pontiac Heaven events in Phoenix AZ, and the POCI Western Regionals at Bass Lake CA. 
Les3.JPG (58393 bytes)
Rader Donald 1965 LeMans convertible.  Donald says he bought and restored it for his wife but she won't drive it until he installs A/C. Donald_Rader.JPG (59448 bytes)


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